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What is a property tax appeal?

A property tax appeal challenges your property’s assessment, the value assigned to your home by your local government. Yearly property taxes are based off this value. Because this value is subjective, property owners have the right to challenge their assessment with a property tax appeal.
What happens if my appeal wins?
Your next tax bill will go down, or you may
received a refund for overpayment.
What about if my appeal loses?
You don't pay a cent.

How TaxProper Works

1. Search Your Address
We analyze data about your home to see if you can save money by appealing your property taxes.
2. File your appeal
We take care of everything you need to lower your property taxes.
3. Save Money!
Successful appeals have saved customers thousands of dollars every year.

4. Only pay if you save
TaxProper charges 30% of your appeal savings, if and only if your tax bill goes down.
By the numbers

Did you know?

Over 3 Million homeowners appeal their taxes
every year.

TaxProper has filed appeals for over 10,000 properties
TaxProper serves over 100 counties nationwide
TaxProper has achieved millions of dollars of assessment reductions
Contingency or flat-fee pricing
Remember: if you don't save, you don't pay.
Sign up in 5 minutes or less
TaxProper creates your appeal evidence
TaxProper files your paperwork, meets with the assessor and negotiates on your behalf
Transparent and friendly customer support
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* Contingency appeals only available in certain locations.
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"I tried to contest my taxes on my own but after a lot of red tape I was not getting any results. After turning to TaxProper I got immediate results. They handled everything. I'm very glad I found them."

Edwin, Chicago

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