The operating account for real estate.

The TaxProper operating account helps real estate investors collect rent, pay vendors and expenses, identify savings, and much more.

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Change how you pay.

Digitally onboard your vendors, eliminating paper invoicing.
Automate reoccurring bills, like property taxes and utilities.
Provision virtual and physical charge cards with customized spending controls.
Instantly visualize spend across all properties and controlled entities, allowing for better oversight.
Eliminate the need for additional software to manage accounts payable

Create and manage accounts for every  LLC or legal entity.

Flexibly set up segregated accounts by LLC or legal entity in seconds.
Manage all of your accounts in one place, eliminating the hassle of switching accounts.

How TaxProper Works

1. Search Your Address
We analyze data about your home to see if you can save money by appealing your property taxes.
2. File your appeal
We take care of everything you need to lower your property taxes.
3. Save Money!
Successful appeals have saved customers thousands of dollars every year.

4. Only pay if you save
TaxProper charges 30% of your appeal savings, if and only if your tax bill goes down.

Move money, instantly.

Send money via ACH, wire, or check with the click of a button.
Automatically provision virtual and physical charge cards with strict spend controls for your team.
Digitally onboard vendors and automate reoccurring payments such as property taxes and utility billing.

We work with the best.

Some of the most sophisticated real estate investors in the world are TaxProper customers.

Units managed across TaxProper products.
Value of real estate across TaxProper products.
$5 billion
Virtual and physical card provisioning.
ACH, wire, and online check issuance.
Accounting software intigration.
Digital vendor onboarding and payments.
Eligible for FDIC "pass through" insurance.

"By far the best decision we have made. Our financial operations have never been easier."

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