Your property tax challenges solved.

Enterprise-grade property tax software built for real estate buyers and operators.

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Forecast property taxes in real time.

Nationwide property tax forecasting estimates to help you make the right underwriting decision.
Instant estimates for every possible scenario via both our Portal and API integration.
Every local millage rate, special assessment, taxing district and assessment cycle accounted for.

Put your property tax bills on autopilot.

Payments are made automatically on your behalf, on time, to all applicable taxing authorities.
Funds remain in secure client-controlled financial account during payment cycle.
Accounting integration automatically records payments.

Maximize your savings with tax appeals.

Automatically review and analyze assessment data to identify savings opportunities.

View your self-serve, vendor-served, and TaxProper-managed appeals in one place.

Manage appeals throughout the property tax appeal lifecycle.

Streamline how you get assessment data.

Assessment and tax data automatically pulled in from local government offices.
Get tax and assessment values once they are released - when you actually need them.

How TaxProper Works

1. Search Your Address
We analyze data about your home to see if you can save money by appealing your property taxes.
2. File your appeal
We take care of everything you need to lower your property taxes.
3. Save Money!
Successful appeals have saved customers thousands of dollars every year.

4. Only pay if you save
TaxProper charges 30% of your appeal savings, if and only if your tax bill goes down.

We work with the best.

Some of the largest real estate investors in the world are TaxProper customers.

Parcels managed across TaxProper products.
Value of real estate across TaxProper products.
$25 Billion
Property tax and assessment data.
Property tax appeal management.
Accounting software integration.
Automated property tax payments.
Budgeting, forecasts, and accrual calculations.

"By far the best decision we have made. Our tax operations have never been easier."

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